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Learning Resources Library

Our library provides information about our programs and services in Chinese and Punjabi, the Mental Health Act of British Columbia, news/blog, suggested reading list, available services in Vancouver and Richmond and external links to useful web sites.

Other Languages
We provide information about our programs and services in Chinese (PDF) and Punjabi (PDF) .

The Mental Health Act of British Columbia
The Mental Health Act governs the involuntary admission and treatment of persons with mental disorders. It provides criteria for their rights notification, second medical opinions, renewal certificates, review panels, and other related issues.

Our news section provides recent and relevant news about psychosis and mental health.

Suggested Reading
Our reading list covers topics such as anxiety disorders and phobias, bipolar illness, depression, schizophrenia, family, suicide, and resources aimed for adults.

Services in Vancouver and Richmond for People with Psychosis
Services available in Vancouver and Richmond include the Early Psychosis Intervention Program, the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Day Program, Vancouver Community Health (from Vancouver Coastal Health) and other mental health emergency services.

External Links
Links to external sites that provide a wide range of information resources related to psychosis and mental health.