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Welcome to Vancouver/Richmond Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) Program.

Funded by Vancouver Coastal Health and Vancouver Community Mental Health Services, we are a program for: youth living in Vancouver or Richmond, aged 130 and their families who are experiencing a first time problem with psychotic symptoms.

We are located on 3rd Floor of 2750 East Hastings Street. Anyone can make a referral for a youth living in Vancouver or Richmond British Columbia. Just call us at .

What is EPI?

EPI stands for Early Psychosis Intervention.

It is a program designed to help people in the community receive early identification and treatment for psychosis, before their symptoms become unmanageable and too disruptive to one's life.

Psychosis is described as a medical condition that affects the mind, so that there is a loss of contact with reality. It is characterized by changes in the way a person may think, feel, perceive, communicate and/or behave. When someone experiences symptoms of psychosis, their condition is referred to as a "psychotic episode".

Approximately 3% of all individuals experience an episode of psychosis in their lifetime. First episodes of psychosis generally develop in young people in their late teens to mid-twenties. However, most people will recover from an experience like this.

Who is EPI for?

EPI assists people ages 13 to 30 experiencing possible or definite psychosis. We, at EPI, are committed to providing various services to people who are experiencing psychosis for the first time. Individuals who are also at risk for developing psychosis may also be accepted into our program.

What can you expect from the EPI Team?

Our EPI Team consists of Nurses, Social Workers, Child and Family Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists and an Administrative Assistant.

As an EPI Client, your Case Manager and Psychiatrist will work closely with you and your family and see you on a weekly basis at first. You may be followed for up to two years as needed. Plans are then made to connect you to a Mental Health Team, Family Doctor and/or other Support Resources.

What services does EPI offer?

At EPI, we provide a number of various services:

Individual Care

  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Second opinions
  • Consultations
  • Case Management
  • Support and Recovery
  • Prevention of Relapse
  • Support returning to Work or School
  • Assist families to manage their family life in relation to their family member

Group Programs

  • Youth Community Group - a weekly, open, on-going group geared towards youth ages 13 to 18
  • Young Adult Education and Support Group - a 6 to 8 session group held weekly
  • Family Education and Support Group - a 9 session group for family members that runs each fall and spring