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You were probably shocked, confused and deeply saddened when your child was diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Because these disorders were misunderstood for a long time, you may also feel guilty and wonder what you, or your partner, did wrong. Serious mental illnesses are brain disorders and are not caused by parenting. You didn't create the disorder but, as a parent, you can have a significant role in helping your child achieve the best possible outcome. Research shows that active family support can have an important impact on the recovery process. Here are some tips you may find useful:

  1. Educate yourself about your child's disorder. The reading list on this website is a good place to start. There are family support and education groups available, please see section on Support Groups.
  2. 2. Keep records. Your child may be able to do this without your guidance but it is very important to keep a journal outlining symptoms, medications (including dosages), and information from psychiatrists and other mental health personnel. Often it takes a lot of experimenting to find the medication, or combination of medications that work best for a particular person.
  3. Investigate resources.
  4. Join a support group such as B.C. Schizophrenia Society.
  5. Become an advocate for people with mental illnesses.

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