This website's aim is to provide information about early identification and treatment of psychosis. Funded by Vancouver Coastal Health and Vancouver Community Mental Health Services, we are a program for: youth living in Vancouver or Richmond, aged 130 and their families who are experiencing a first time problem with psychotic symptoms. We are located on 3rd Floor of 2750 East Hastings Street. Anyone can make a referral for a youth living in Vancouver or Richmond British Columbia. Just call us at .

Our services include assessment, treatment, consultation/second opinion, support and education. Staffing includes nurses, social workers, child and family workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and administrative assistance.

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Psychosis means loss of contact with reality. It is a worldwide phenomenon occurring in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other illnesses. It is serious but treatable medical condition.

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Learning Resources Library
Get access to the Mental Health Act, reading list, services in Vancouver and Richmond for people with psychosis and a FAQ with the most common questions about psychosis.

Our news section provides recent and relevant news about psychosis.

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We provide information about our programs and services in Chinese (PDF) and Punjabi (PDF) .

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