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Patient's Comments about the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Day Program (SRDP)

Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Day Program

"This program helped to monitor my illness, such as racing thoughts, delusions and voices. It went a long way explaining what my illness is and how to cope and manage it with a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It has got me back onto my feet and seeing the world through new eyes."

Rate: 4.0/5

"I love the program. I get a lot out of it. It helps me plan for the future and gets my mind in gear. The support that I have received has been tremendous. I have grown into a more positive and more productive person through the day program. I feel lucky that I am enrolled in the day program and the support that I have received. It has made me more productive."

Rate: 5/5

"The program teaches respect and knowledge".

Rate: 5/5

"I enjoy the program. It provides structure for the week and allows you to organize your week. The staff are extremely friendly. The people in the program help each other out and get along very well. The program lifts your spirit and gets you ready to complete your future goals whether they involve work or school or family."

Rate: 4/5

"I have less social anxiety from attending this program due to attending the Friday afternoon outings. I have learned more about the symptoms of my illness since joining this program and how to manage these symptoms".

Rate: 4/5

"I am new at this program. So far I have met some friendly people and have learned some valuable information".

Rate: 5/5

"The day program has given me badly needed structure; this has helped me through a very difficult time in dealing with mental issues".

Rate: 4/5

"What is different about this program is that you get to share and experience what other people like you are going through. It also keeps you busy in your life".

Rate: 5/5

" Since I've been at the program, I've found a new sense of direction and accomplishment".

Rate: 4/5

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